Woman Accuses Ghost of Attempted Assault, Almost Breaking Up Her Marriage!

Mark The Phantom
Deborah and Kevin Rawson, residents of Hull, South Yorkshire, lived a practical nightmare in their married life as on multiple occassions, a perverse, over-intimate phantom by the name of Mark threatened to destroy their twenty-year-old marriage once and for all...

Will The Real Goths Please Stand Up?

Goths: By Pleple2000 | Wikimedia Commons
The original Goths were an Eastern Germanic (Scandinavian) tribe who played an important role in the fall of the western Roman Empire. In English 17th-century usage, Goth was an equivalent of "vandal" - someone with a Germanic heritage. In some circles, the word Goth became derogatory, the word being synonymous with terms such as "barbarian" and "uncultured," mostly due to the then-contemporary view of the fall of Rome and depictions of pagan gothic tribes.

El Vampiro de Guadalajara: Mexican Vampirism

Vampire Skull by BraceTheDarkness | DeviantArt
Bloodless carcasses of horrified animals littered the city of Guadalajara. Infants disappeared from their houses, terrified towsfolk took to praying. Terror gripped firm, firm as though it'd never let go, till a group of gallant daredevils decided to end it once and for all. They tracked down this ghastly bloodsucker; found him, they did; and drove a stake right through his cold heart. They thought he was dead, that he could never relish the taste of raw blood ever again. Well, they were wrong...

Slenderman-Obsessed Teen Sets Fire to Her Own House

Florida Teen Burns Down Her House: Image Courtesy of NYTimes
For those who didn't know, #SlenderMan is back on his prowl. A teenager from Florida has recently been charged with arson and attempted murder of her mom and brother as she coldly set fire to her own house while they lay sound asleep inside it! You know the drill, an argument with her mom, a read of a Slenderman ebook, and the next thing you know is a house on flames!

The Legend of Wizard Clip

"Half moon crescent clippers" by Kilo22 - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons
When I was a little girl, my mom, my aunt, uncle, cousins from West Virginia would take me to Wizard Clip and we'd pick "field diamonds" out of the soil. Though there are various versions of the story (some say the Clip was in Pennsylvania), the one I tell below is the one I've heard since I was a child - and I haven't seen many other stories out there that mention the field diamonds.

Are EMF Meters, Voice Recorders, and Other Devices Unscientific?

"Basement of Lawang Sewu 2011" by Crisco 1492 | Wikimedia Commons
Many skeptics argue that paranormal investigators are practicing pseudoscience because they use EMF meters and infrared thermometers in investigations. Skeptics claim these devices don't provide evidence of the paranormal. I'll explain how these instruments can be used scientifically and where some skeptics go wrong in criticizing investigators.

Fascinating Map Shows Which States in the US Believe Most in the Supernatural

Okay, so a few days back, I received a mail from Bryan Shively, from the real estate brokerage site called Movoto. He alerted me of a recent post on their site, which is a massively intriguing survey showing which states believe most in the supernatural in the USA. He also allowed me to share any part of the article I liked, and so, here we go!

Ghosts of Russia: Cliche Legends and Creepy Encounters

I found an interesting website about ghost stories from Russia. Unfortunately for me, it was all in Russian, which I don't read or speak. I sent the pages to a friend who interpreted them. Though it's been a while since he did any translation work, he did his best he could and spoke with a few Russian friends to assist in the telling of the legends. Whether or not they are accurate, the mystery of Russia has always fascinated me.