Burden of Proof and The Participation Problem

By Plazak [CC-BY-3.0)], Wikimedia Commons
The burden of proof is a contentious issue for paranormal investigators. This standard is used to determine who is responsible for proving or disproving something exists in science. Investigators have the burden of proving the paranormal, but that burden applies to skeptics too. Skeptical counter-claims are subject to this standard too. And there are some glaring issues with the way burden of proof functions in the real world.

Cemeteries: Haunted or not?

Ghost Cemetery: Scooby Doo
Popular culture and folklore are filled with stories of haunted cemeteries, where spirits of the dead or even zombies roam (always at night, of course!). This question was recently posed to me: "If no one died in a cemetery, can it still be haunted?" That's like asking, "If a tree falls in the woods and there's no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?" Or it makes me think of an episode of Scooby-Doo...

Reader Submission: Why You Shouldn't Go Anywhere Near Ouija Boards!

Ouija Board: Image Created by All About Occult
Teenagers often engage in activities like seances, Ouija board games, etc. to satisfy a sense of curiosity towards the unknown other end. However, when these games backfire, things can be deadly! Reader Katherine Vaughan sends me her experiences with the world of anomalies, and how her life was entwined with these unwanted elements as a result of a childhood game. This seemingly harmless game led her to seeing constant apparitions, being followed by ghostly stalkers and waking up to sleep paralyses.

The Doll That Grew Old...

The Doll That Aged: Extracted From Ghosts Caught On Film 2
It's been some time since I last posted on one of those creepy, disturbing nightmares that were long-forgotten, till they decided to come back from their graves of oblivion to master your sleep and haunt your imagination. So here's a creepy tale long thrust into oblivion, till one unsuspecting lady decides to open her attic after decades of ignorance, only to find a once attractive boy doll shrivelled into a mummy!

New Study on Whether Ghosts Can Communicate through Electronics

Ghost on TV!: Image by Ghostly Activities
There have been numerous attempts to establish the validity of ghosts in science lately. Many ghostbusters, investigators and experts want their life's work in the field to receive credibility in mainstream science, although such attempts are generally short lived, as the studies either fail, or provide too little evidence for the skeptics to get to believe. However, a new study by Dr. Imants Baru┼ís is showing a lot of promises...

Shocking: Mysterious Craters Appear in Siberia, Lake Appears amidst Tunisia Desert

Mystery Hole in Siberia
Crazy, strange reports are coming from Siberia, of not one or two, but three mysterious craters that have appeared in different parts of the country out of nowhere. Scientists are still puzled, though they do claim to have come close to an explanation. Butjust when you think te weirdness is over, reports come from the Tunisia that a lake has suddenly emanated amidst the desert landscape.

The Bad Word Cemetery

The Bad Word Cemetery
My great-uncle and aunt lived in West Virginia. Behind their house was a small, all but abandoned slave cemetery. Graves in the cemetery dated back to the 1800s. Their backyard literally fell along the property line of the cemetery, separated only by a chain-link fence. Though the stones were old they remained relatively upright. The grass was kept cut and trash picked up but I never saw flowers on any graves or any sign of visitors. It seemed quiet and peaceful.

5 Weird Creatures that Actually Exist

It is tempting to dismiss animals like Bigfoot and the Jersey Devil as myth but history has taught us that these stories are often based on some level of truth: And our world is full of examples of very strange creatures that we know exist. There is certainly a great deal of creatures left to discover, and some of these creatures may be the inspiration for many unusual encounters.