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Zozo: The Visitor From The OuijaSide

Ouija Board

You know how it is, you’re scanning the web looking for the latest in scary or bizarre happenings, and then something catches your interest next thing you know you find yourself in a spiral of stories and theories. However, there comes the rare occasion when several stories match exactly or are eerily similar. This is a rare occurrence in the ...

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The Global UFO Marathon of April 2015


No, this is not a one-of-a-kind vehicle race where participants would be required to show off their latest models of man-made (un)identified flying objects from Ford or Nissan or Hyundai (although, who wouldn’t want that to be true, eh?). This article is about something a lot more predictable and ordinary: a unprecendented upsurge of UFO sightings from the different parts of ...

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Moroccan Folklore: The Story of Aisha


My friend Naima is from the beautiful country of Morocco. I asked her if she knew of any spooky stories from her country and she told me the story of Aisha. “During the Spanish invasion of Morocco, a resistance movement started amongst the Moroccans,” she said. “Among them one of the most beautiful women in Morocco. Her name was Aisha. Using her feminine ...

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