All About Poltergeists

Stories of ghosts haunting specific residences and mischievously bothering its occupants is quite commonly described. Almost every culture has submitted to the belief in malevolent and entities. The literal translation of the German word poltergeist is 'noisy ghost'. The name is no doubt quite self-explanatory since the poltergeist manifestations tend to be really noisy. The poltergeist will often engage in bothersome activities like damaging furniture, producing strange noises, making things disappear and so on.

The Explanation of the Poltergeist Phenomena:

In contrast to the belief that a poltergeist is a ghost that haunts a specific location, the a parapsychological theory suggests that a poltergeist is not associated with a specific location but with a specific person or persons. The modern theory even declares that a poltergeist is not a ghost or spirit at all. Parapsychology states that all poltergeist manifestations are caused due to the presence of a poltergeist agent. A poltergeist agent is a troubled individual who is undergoing a condition of severe mental stress and in this situation of extreme frustration, unknowingly cause violent and disturbing poltergeist activities. Note that not anyone with a deep mental suffering can be a poltergeist agent. The poltergeist agent does not generally realize that he or she is the real cause of all the strange phenomena happening around and even if he or she does possess the knowledge, the agent exercises no control on the poltergeist actions happening due to him or her. The poltergeist activities cease to occur as soon as the agent is removed from the area of occurrence. The poltergeist agent may be a single person or there may be multiple poltergeist agents, who jointly give rise to this menacing phenomenon. Since children under the age of ten seldom suffer from emotional problems, the poltergeist agents usually tend to be teenagers or adults. You must be wondering a how a person with a troubled mind may give rise to poltergeist manifestations. This can be explained using a common term in parapsychology called psychokinesis (kinetic energy produced by the power of the mind) 

Notable Cases of Poltergeist Manifestations:

1. The 'Old Jeffrey' Case
The residence of Rev. Samuel Wesley at Epworth, Lincolnshire was haunted by a poltergeist who would make disturbing groans, knocking sounds, sounds of footsteps, etc. and thus keep the occupants awake throughout the night. Hetty Wesley, who was then 19-year-old was probably the agent in this case. The poltergeist was often referred to as 'Old Jeffrey' by the members of the Wesley residence.
2. Lithobolia
A pamphlet called Lithobolia or the 'Stone Throwing Devil' holds records of a poltergeist manifestation that took place in the Walton residence in New Castle, New Hampshire, Great Britain. George and Alice Walton, in 1862, experienced such poltergeist actions in their house as throwing of stones, bricks, hammers, utensils, etc. towards their house by an unknown and invisible entity. The manifestations continued for approximately three months.
3. The Rosenheim Poltergeist
In Rosenheim, Bravia, Germany, a lawyer's firm became a subject of great amazement when in 1967, poltergeist manifestations caused electricity and telephone lines to be ruptured, a heavy filing cabinet to move on its own, pictures to be turned on the walls, strange noises to be created by an invisible entity, etc. in the firm. Despite intense investigation, the case could not be proved to be a hoax. The 19-year-old secretary of the firm named Anne-Marie Schaberl seemed to be the agent in this case. Anne-Marie was a village girl who was naturally unsatisfied with her job in the city, which can provide for her mental disturbances. Anne-Marie showed telepathic and other psychic powers. The disturbances traveled with her as she changed her job and finally stopped when she got married and had a child of her own.

Poltergeists can get really nasty. Sometimes the poltergeist may even set off small fires, throw stones at the house and make water droplets mysteriously appear on the floor of the house from nowhere and even inflict severe injuries onto the people's body by biting, pinching, hitting and tripping them over. Although poltergesist are generally not known to murder someone, even such rare cases do exist.