Stick Man Phenomenon

Stick Man- By Wikimedia Commons, Author: Pre-Cautioned Watcher
Here I am about to introduce you to the grossest paranormal phenomenon ever. Yes, it is the stick man phenomenon I am talking about. Do you remember how your kindergarten teacher used to teach you to draw stick like figures to resemble humans when you were a small child? Can you even imagine those stick like figures coming to life and reaching out to grab you? But this is exactly what has happened! Read on to find out more about this bizarre stick man phenomenon.

Typical Description of the Stick Men:

In recent days, many an unfortunate witness has caught a glimpse of these out-of-the-world creatures. The stick men have been described to be completely black, two-dimensional figures with a circle for a head and sticks for the hands and feet that often appear to be frequenting the roads during nighttime, dawn or dusk. Their faces are said to be completely blank- yes, no eyes, no nose, no lips and no ears- just black circles, as if coming right out of your childhood drawings. I know that sounds too weird to be true, but believe me, there are several witnesses who have encountered these bizarre beings. Their heights range from normal to impossible, and they are sometimes said to appear with a hat. They have also been described to be walking in a typical dancing, jolly gait and being awfully shocked when spotted. On occasions, they have even engaged in following their witnesses on being discovered (just imagine how it would be to be chased by a 5-year-old's idle doodling!). They always appear as single, never in groups and always cause an unsettling sensation of fright in their witness' mind. 

Explanations for the Stick Man Phenomenon:

The most bizarre fact about the stick men is that they are never found to be associated with any mythology or folklore, as opposed to the shadow people, who do appear in certain folkloric tales. The very idea that they are unsatisfied spirits of the dead seems like an unacceptable one, and they do not seem to resemble any cryptids like Bigfoot, Werewolves, Vampires, etc. Also, they do not have any similarities with the extraterrestrials. The most widely accepted and suitable explanation is that these stick men are people from a parallel dimension who come to pay a visit to our world out of sheer curiosity. It is said that there exist several dimensions where beings in different states of awareness do live, starting from 1D reserved for the inferior most beings to 12D, which is the state of awareness of God. These creatures seem to have originated in a 2D world (Earth being in the 3D).

Notable Sightings:

In the book Borderlands, the author Mike Dash mentions a case of two people who, while travelling across the road up the A11 at Elveden, caught a glimpse of a bizarre stick man in the car's headlights.

In a paranormal forum, a person shared his eerie experience with the stick men. While walking back home from his friend's house in the early hours of dawn in the Brockley suburb in London, this man and his friend saw a flat, two-dimensional figure, totally black in color, approaching them in a dancing fashion. When the stick man realized that the two people could see him, it started chasing them. The two hid in the narrator's house and on being unable to locate them, the stick man finally left. 

The stick man is no doubt the most unique paranormal being I have yet come across. It is perhaps its ridiculousness that makes it so fearsome when associated with a paranormal activity. Please share your own theories and experiences relating to the stick men using the comments section below.