Annabelle the Haunted Doll

Annabelle the Haunted Doll at the Warrens Museum of Occult: Image Courtesy by 826 PARANORMAL
This is the true case of a haunted doll named Annabelle, who is possessed by some really malevolent entity. This creepy doll can not only move on its own, but also write! Twice did this demonic doll make deadly attempts to cause severe harm to a human victim, once by strangling him and then again by clawing his chest brutally. So, read on if you dare...

Annabelle the Haunted Doll at the Warrens Museum of Occult: Image Courtesy by 826 PARANORMAL

In 1970, as a mother explored a  hobby store looking for a perfect gift for her only daughter on her birthday, a Raggedy Ann doll captured her attention. On that unfortunate moment, she was convinced that this would be the perfect present for her daughter. Her daughter, Donna, for whom the present was intended, was a young college going girl readying herself to graduate with a nursing degree. Donna, at that time lived in a small apartment with her roommate Angie. Pleased with the lovely gift from her mother, Donna kept the doll on her bed in her bedroom. Soon after, Donna and Angie started noticing something strange about the doll. At first, the doll would make only unnoticeable movements like minor changes in position. However, as time passed by, its activities became more and more prominent. Sometimes it would be found in an altogether different room than the one in which Donna had left it, sometimes sitting with its legs crossed and arms folded in the couch, sometimes leaning against a chair, standing on its own. Sometimes Donna would even find it laying on her bed in the bedroom, when Donna had left it in the living room!

The Doll could Write....

Donna soon began to find small parchments with inscribed messages here and there in her house. While most pencilled messages were like scribblings of  a toddler and were undecipherable, two phrases "Help Us" and "Help Lou" were clearly included in the messages. The most astonishing part is that Donna didn't even keep parchments in her house, which makes us wonder where they might have come from. 

The Medium was Called

One day on arriving home from work, Donna was shocked to find traces of blood in the doll's chest and the back of its hands. This time, Donna and Angie were sure that it was time to seek help. A medium was called who informed them in a seance that the doll was possessed by the spirit of a girl named Annabelle Higgins, who had died under unknown circumstances in the fields on which Donna's apartment now stands. The spirit felt comfortable with Donna and wanted to stay with her by possessing the doll. Donna felt pity for the girl and allowed her to stay. This decision was however a fatal error. 

Annabelle's True Nature is Revealed

Lou, a friend of Donna, had a severe hatred for the doll (remember the messages "Help Lou"?). On numerous occasions had Lou warned Donna to get rid of Annabelle, saying that the doll was diabolic. Donna nevertheless didn't pay heed to his warnings. What was to happen next left a permanent dark mark in Lou's mind. Lou woke up at midnight, panicking, after a recurrent nightmare. To his horror, Lou found that his whole body was paralyzed. Lou lay dumbstruck with fear as he saw that devilish doll climb up his neck, then on his chest, and the next moment she was strangling him! Almost dying for breath, Lou became unconscious with terror. When he regained consciousness the next morning, he was sure it wasn't a dream. That nasty doll had tried to kill him! As Lou and Angie eyed through the maps preparing for the next day's trip, they were distracted by a loud rustling noise coming from Donna's room. Suspecting an intruder, Lou went to check. As he made his way into the room, the noises faded away. As he turned on the lights, he found nothing out of place but the doll which was tossed upon the floor. As he neared the doll, Lou had a feeling that someone was behind him. As he turned around, he found nobody and then the very next moment, he was struck by a pain in his chest, his shirt was stained with blood, on his chest were seven distinct claw marks. The bruises recovered too quick- half by the next day and the rest by the day after.
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The Paranormal Investigators Step in

Donna contacted a local priest father Hegan, who referred their case to the famous paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warrens. According to Ed and Lorraine, spiritual entities do not possess non-living objects as they possess humans. The spirit, which in this case was an evil demon, first tried to gain the people's attention be moving the doll using teleportation and leaving strange scribblings here and there, then made blood stains appear on it to scare everyone, then made use of the medium by providing a wrong identity of itself being the ghost of a sad girl thus preying over Donna's emotional vulnerabilities and finally made a deadly physical attack upon Lou. Ed and Lorraine performed an exorcism to make the demon leave, but since they weren't sure whether the demon had really left, they decided to take Annabelle with themselves to rid Donna of the demon's presence.

Annabelle the haunted doll now resides at the Warrens Occult Museum in Moodus, Connecticut, where it is still known to produce growling noises to scare away unwanted visitors. If you have ever had an experience with this eerie doll or know of someone who has, or have something to say about Annabelle, please make use of the comment section below.

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